Trent Alexander-Arnold backs Harry Kane amid Euro 2024 form criticism


Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold has come to the defence of England captain Harry Kane following criticism of his performance at Euro 2024.

Despite scoring two goals in the tournament, the overall performance of Harry Kane at the Euro 2024 has been called into question which led to Trent Alexander-Arnold jumping to his defence in a recent interview.

His lack of sharpness in front of goal has led to doubts about his form and effectiveness, with some even proposing that he be removed from the starting lineup. Alexander-Arnold had only positive things to say about Harry Kane during an interview, going so far as to label him the "best finisher" he has ever encountered.

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He also pointed out Kane’s impressive tally of 65 international goals, the highest in English history, to emphasize his significance to the Three Lions squad.

England’s passage to the Euro 2024 final depends on their ability to defeat the Netherlands, a feat that will undoubtedly be difficult. The support and confidence exhibited by Alexander-Arnold in Kane underscores the overwhelming faith the Bayern Munich striker commands among his teammates.

This is a pivotal moment for Kane to regain form, as England stands just two matches away from clinching their first major trophy of the century.

During a chat with reporters, Alexander-Arnold remarked, “Any team facing England would prefer not to see Harry Kane on the field. We are talking about England’s all-time top goal scorer, so that speaks volumes about him. You just know he is a threat. Whenever the ball is in and around the box, you need to be fully alert. He can slot it in from any angle. I always say he is the best finisher I have seen or played with. He can find the net from anywhere. He can drop deep to build up play, and his ability to hold up the ball is also exceptional. Overall, he is a fantastic player.”

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