Super Eagles players don't have respect - Sunday Oliseh


Former Super Eagles player and manager Sunday Oliseh has criticized some of the players in the current squad, accusing them of lacking respect.

He made these comments in an interview with renowned Nigerian journalist Matthew Edafe Elegbete on Elegbete TV. During the interview, he highlighted the disconnect between the older and younger generations of the Super Eagles, attributing it to a lack of respect.

According to Sunday Oliseh, the current generation of this Super Eagles players, whom he described as considering themselves as stars, have shown little respect for the older generation. He emphasized that during his time, there was a culture of respect for the senior players, which is lacking in the current generation.

Oliseh also mentioned the importance of addressing issues privately and holding respectful discussions with the older generation, citing personal experiences involving Victor Osimhen and Finidi George.

What did Sunday Oliseh say about the Super Eagles?

"It boils down to respect, the current generations, the ones who see themselves as stars, have little respect for those who came before them. Especially those who came before them that are bigger than them. Not every generation is like that, nobody from my generation ever calls the 1980 generation by name. Like you see Mr. Segun Odegbami, we don't call him Segun or Odegbami; we call him Big Sheg. You see captain Christian Chukwu of the 1980s; we don't call him Chukwu; we call him the Chairman because he was the chairman of the defence back then. The same with Mr Adokie Amesimaka; we don't call him Adokie Amesimaka; we call him the name of the legal system (Chief Justice). It's a sign of respect."

He further emphasized that despite disagreements, his generation maintained a respectful approach towards senior players. Oliseh highlighted how this respect has diminished in the current generation.

As a member of the Super Eagles 'Class of 94', Oliseh played a key role in the team's success, including winning the Africa Cup of Nations and qualifying Nigeria for its first World Cup in 1994, which was hosted in the USA.

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