Premier League hits another club with a four-point deduction


The English Premier League have hit Nottingham Forest with a four-point deduction following their breach of the profitability and sustainability rule in the league.

This decision means that Nuno Espirito Santo’s team will be fighting for survival in the Premier League after securing losses in three years which is permitted by the Premier League regulatory body.

Forest had a limit of £61 million because they were recently promoted as against the standard £105 million. One of the reasons why they found themselves in this situation was the 30 players the club signed after their promotion in the summer of 2022 and they failed to sell off some players to help balance their books.

The new rule states that any club found guilty of breaching these rules could have been fined or deducted points for the breach, this four-point deduction now sees Forest drop to 18th in the Premier League. However, they have 14 days to appeal the decision made by the Premier League.

Forest's deduction is followed by Everton’s punishment for a breach of the same regulations. The Merseyside club were initially stripped of 10 points but it was later reduced to six points following an appeal.