10 Most Popular Pokies in New Zealand


Ahoy, fellow Kiwi gamers! If you're anything like me you love a good pokie machine. And while there are oodles out there it's the cream of the crop we're all after.

So if you're wondering where to spin your virtual coins next time, here are the top 10 pokies that have been making waves in Aotearoa, New Zealand. And the material is based on the analytics of the gambling magazine DashTickets, whose experts test the reliability and safety of casinos on a daily basis. Read their reviews of $1 deposit casinos and brand tests, they're the ones I'd trust!

You might recognise a few classics and a couple of hot newcomers!

1. Mega Moolah

You know the first time I spun Mega Moolah I felt like I'd hitched a one-way ticket to the Serengeti. This casino game has a fairly low PTR but a jackpot of almost NZ$2.5 million.

Ever had that feeling of being on the cusp of something epic?

That's Mega Moolah for ya! Where else can you face off with a lion in the wild while chilling in your PJs? Plus the zebras and giraffes sauntering give it a genuine African vibe!

Thanks to the creators they've sprinkled some magic in those reels. And between you and me every time I spot that red-headed lion (which is wild, by the way), I can't help but think "Today might just be my lucky day!"

Watch for that celebration sound; it could mean you're onto something grand. Happy hunting fellow adventurer!

2. Starburst

Starburst trust me, it feels like I've been catapulted into a neon-drenched 80s disco. It's got this nostalgic yet futuristic vibe that hooks you in.

Have you ever had one of those "kid in a candy store" moments? Because that's Starburst in a nutshell! Every spin I find myself rooting for those vibrant Starburst Wilds. When they land and expand, the universe gives you a cheeky wink.

By the way if you play with your sound (which you should), the audio feels straight out of a cosmic dance party.

It makes me want to throw on some leg warmers and groove along. And I can't be the only one who gets a tad overexcited imagining what I'd do with those 50,000 coins! Oh, Starburst you shiny… thrilling gem of a game!

3. Gates of Olympus

You know whenever I journey into the world of Gates of Olympus, it feels like I'm taking a leisurely stroll through an ancient Greek museum. According to casino site DashTickets this online slot has been in the Kiwi popularity ratings for the last 5 years!

Every time I spin I can't help but marvel at the craftsmanship on display those crowns, goblets, and rings? Absolute works of art! This is one of the best online pokies available New Zealand.

The tumbling reels always keep me on the edge of my seat. It's like watching dominoes fall one after the other, hoping for that perfect alignment.

And let's talk about that Ante Bet for a second. It's like having a golden ticket that lets you skip the line straight to the most anticipated ride the free spins.

Oh, and having Zeus by your side with that reassuring nod? It's like having a legendary mentor cheering you on.

When those multipliers combine, I sometimes pinch myself to check if I'm dreaming.

It truly feels like an adventure with rewards around every corner. So next time you think of Greece, remember: it's not just about myths and legends; it's also about epic gaming moments.

4. The Dog House

The Dog House's world always takes me back to my grandma's old neighbourhood.

I can almost feel the warmth of the summer air and hear the laughter of kids playing in the street.

Those pugs?

They remind me of her cheeky little Puggy who used to sneak snacks from the table.

And the Dalmatians? Just like the neighbour's dog ecstatically greeting me every time I passed.

Hitting those pawprint bonuses

It's like the giddy feeling I'd get when I found a surprise treat in my pocket. Those free spins with sticky wilds? Think of them as the thrill of chasing fireflies on a starry night.

And when we talk about the game's RTP it's like that comforting feeling of knowing you've got a decent chance at winning similar to being handed the "lucky" fishing rod on family outings.

The tunes playing in the backdrop transport me to those carefree days of dancing in my socks on grandma's wooden floor. So diving into The Dog House is a heartwarming journey down a lane filled with treasured memories.

5. Sun of Egypt 3

When I fire up Sun of Egypt 3 I feel like I've been handed a VIP ticket to a grand museum tour.

The graphics?

Oh man they've seriously upped their game since the last version. It's like walking through an ancient Egyptian bazaar with all those glinting treasures and golden artefacts.

You can almost feel the weight of history in those 5x3 reels.

Now if you're like me and love a good feature the Hold and Win is a real treat. Trust me, when those sun symbols start popping up, you'll be on the edge of your seat.

It's like waiting for that final puzzle piece to click into place.

And can we just count those jackpots for a sec?

Three of them! Mini, Major, and Grand It's like choosing between your favourite pastries at a bakery you'd be thrilled with any!

And let's not even get started on that soundtrack.

It's like you're right there sandals on your feet exploring the mysteries of the pyramids. All in all with Sun of Egypt 3 each spin feels less like pressing a button and more like turning a page in a captivating history book.

6. Sweet Bonanza

Have you ever daydreamed about being in a world made entirely of candy? I certainly have. Because diving into Sugar Rush is exactly like stepping into that dream. Sweet Bonanza is honored on the DashTickets website as one of the top hits of the last 5 years worldwide.

I mean every inch of it from the glimmering backdrop to those tantalising symbols feels like peeking into the most vibrant candy shop window.

The 6x5 grid?

It reminds me of my grandma's old candy tray.

 Getting eight or more matching symbols? It's like spotting your favourite treat after rummaging in a candy jar for ages.

Oh, and speaking of treats! Whenever it pops up, that lollipop scatter symbol is like that little jolt of excitement you get when your dessert arrives at a restaurant.

And those multipliers during the free spins? They're the sprinkle of extra sugar on a perfect doughnut.

Now I'm an impatient gamer. So that Buy Feature? It's a game-changer.

It's like being handed a fast pass to the front of the longest queue in the sweetest amusement park.

The tumbling reels are another story. Imagine finishing a candy and the wrapper magically vanishing leaving space for another treat. Playing Sugar Rush isn't just a game to me; it's a rollercoaster of sweetsugary adventures! Moving on, the next famous Pokies in New zealand is "Sugar Rush"

7. Sugar Rush

Here's a sweet truth sugar rush = stroll through a bustling candy town?

And the most exciting part? The bonus game.

It's not just about spinning reels you can channel your inner architect and build a candy castle. I mean, how cool is that?

That 5x3 grid?

 It's not just squares and numbers. It's like a vibrant street fair of cupcakes pastries and the most adorable gummy bears you've ever seen.

Each one seems like it's bursting with personality like characters from a storybook.

Here's a little secret: keep an eye out for the cocktail bonus.

Why? Well it can bless you with up to 900 bonus points. It feels a bit like finding a hidden note in a chocolate wrapper! And then there's the cupcake scatter. If Lady Luck is on your side you might end up with 20 free spins.

It's like the universe giving you a wink and saying, "Have some extra fun on the house!"

Oh and the wilds. They're the unsung heroes of the game.

Think of them as that friend who always has your back filling in, fitting in, and making everything come together.

Except for the bonus and scatter of course. In the world of Sugar Rush wilds are the fairy godmothers that weave together those delightful wins.

Sweet adventures await!

8. Eastern Emeralds

How about time-travelling to a bygone era? Try this legend, then!

When I spin the reels of Eastern Emeralds it's like I'm stepping back into ancient Asia.

Imagine serene ponds whispering bamboo trees and those majestic jade mountains standing tall in the distance.

And the symbols?

They're like treasures from an old legend. Koi fish that seem to dance on the reels dragons that curl and twirl and golden artefacts that glisten with each spin.

But wait there's a twist in this tale: the Destiny Bonus. It's not just a fancy name. Nope. When it pops up, you're handed the reins.

You get to choose your own adventure with different free spin options and those tantalising multipliers. And let me tell you when those multipliers start stacking wow!

 I've heard tales of wins up to 1,680 times the stake on a single spin!.

9. Big Bass Splash

Have you ever been on a fishing trip? Every time I launch Big Bass Splash, it feels just like that. According to experts at leading New Zealand gambling magazine DashTickets, the Big Bass Splash will continue to be a hit for the next 5 years.

You've got calm lakes that mirror the sky birds that sing like they're right next to you and the thrill?

Oh boy it's all about catching that big, elusive bass.

As you spin that 5x3 grid it's like rifling through a fisherman's toolkit.

There are fishing rods that look ready for a cast dragonflies zipping by and the star of the show? That big bass, teasing and waiting to be caught.

But here's where things get wild the Fishing Contest bonus.

It's not just some static, click-and-get reward. It's like being handed a fishing rod and told, "Go on show us what you've got!" You cast that line wait for a nibble and the rewards? They're all based on what you manage to reel in. Next on popular pokies in New Zealand is Book of Ra

10. Book of Ra

Well Book of Ra it's like I've slipped into some swashbuckling adventure across

Egypt's golden sands. Those tombs and hieroglyphs? They aren't just backdrop details they're doorways into stories of pharaohs and legends.

In the treasure map (that 5x3 grid!), you've got icons like the mysterious Sphinx the age-old scarab beetle and that brave explorer.

You know the one with the hat and the attitude? It feels like he's on a quest of his own.

The real magic of this pokie lies in its Book symbol, though. It's not just any book it's both wild and scattered! Imagine stumbling upon an artefact that can replace other symbols and also launch you into a whirlwind of free spins.

Yes you heard it right. Get three or more of those books on the reels and boom 10 free spins with a surprise expanding symbol!

Wrapping up

There you have it a sweet (and occasionally savoury) mix of the top pokies loved by Kiwis far and wide.

Whether you're into safaris sweets or serene landscapes, there's a pokie out there with your name on it. Remember to always gamble responsibly and most importantly have a blast! Happy spinning!

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