Police Investigate Threats Received By Ex-Chelsea Director Marina Granovskaia | SEE DETAILS


Investigations have been launched by the police following threatening messages received by former Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia from an English football agent.

Chelsea Marina Granovskaia 
Marina Granovskaia 

According to numerous reports, a leading English football agent has been allegedly arrested and is currently under investigation for sending threatening and blackmail messages to the former Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia while she was still at the club and working on the sale to the Todd Boehly-led consortium.

The Sun UK had reported that the agent had demanded an amount estimated to be around 300,000 pounds for his role in a big player transfer to the club.

Marina had shared the emails with the UK police, some of which had read:

"make you pay for the way you have been with me. I will make you pay for the way you have been. That’s not a threat . . . it’s a promise. If Chelsea don’t pay it’s on you . . . see you when I see you.

I will give you the chance to make things correct if you apologise for your behaviour towards me.

If you don’t then I promise you I will make you pay for the way you have been with me on a personal and business level.

This is not a threat so take it how you want.

This is a promise that I give to anybody who f***s/tries to f*** me over in anything in life.

In summary you owe me and my partners 300k which needs to get paid ASAP. If Chelsea don’t pay it then the debt will be on you to pay.

I am done trying to be nice to you.”

The UK police also confirmed this arrest in a statement that read:

Officers from Met’s MO6 Public Order Crime Team are investigating an allegation of blackmail reported to police in June.

On September 19 a man was arrested in connection with the investigation. He was later released on bail.”

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