Mauricio Pochettino addresses speculations of a possible sack by the Chelsea board


Mauricio Pochettino in his pre-match press conference ahead of the FA Cup fixture against Aston Villa addressed the possibility of him being sacked as the coach of Chelsea.

In an extensive pre-match press conference the Chelsea boss touched on several subjects some of which include the current run of form of Chelsea, situation with the board and how he requires more time to build at Chelsea.

Pochettino addresses the current form of Chelsea

Chelsea players celebrating a goal against Middlesbrough in the Carabao Cup (2023/24)
Chelsea players celebrating a goal against Middlesbrough

Pochettino spoke on the current form of Chelsea with the Blues only picking up 31 points so far this season in the Premier League.

The Blues suffered a woeful defeat in the hands of Wolves over the weekend and were booed off by fans who had watched the game.

He stated that since he arrived during the summer he had not received the patience and time to build his team.

He stated, "I am a head coach, a head coach. Sometimes we can make mistakes. That is football. That happens, we need to keep moving and being strong. We have a very good group of players, but for different reasons, as we have explained from the beginning of the season, we are not performing in the way that the people expect. And when the expectation is different from the reality, it's difficult to get what you deserve. That's why the patience has never arrived."

He went on to cite the analogy of Liverpool also losing by the same scoreline over the weekend with no noise being made in regards to that. He added, "When we lost to Liverpool, it was: massive fail, oh look at Chelsea, how bad it is. [When] Liverpool lost to Arsenal, I didn't hear anything. But it was a similar result to when we played against Liverpool. That is affecting the players, because this team needs confidence. We need the support and our fans need to be behind Chelsea. The people need to realise that situation. We cannot send any different messages."

Pochettino speaks on the possibility of being sacked by Chelsea

Pochettino also added that he has no concerns regarding losing his job as the head coach of Chelsea at the moment indicating that he has a good relation with the board and they are aligned with one goal in mind and that is to unlock the full potentional of the Chelsea project.

He stated, "I've had a few texts from them, but I think we are all together in this and that's the most important thing. They're in contact with me and the sporting director. For different reasons we are just not performing on the pitch. The most important thing in football is to trust and we need to find the trust amongst the coaching staff and players, because they need to perform on the pitch. "We are demanding the support to the team, the players, I know the quality. We know the quality of the players. The only problem is: it takes time to build a team. That is the reality, the fans need to be patient. We need to find a way to succeed, do many things we need to fix before we talk about tactics and football. We are trying to fix all the things, as soon as possible we are going to perform and be in the position that the club deserves."