Paulo Dybala Reportedly Breaks Cristiano Ronaldo's 2018 Record In Italy


The newly signed AS Roma star Paulo Dybala has reportedly broken a record held by Cristiano Ronaldo in Italy following the completion of his deal.

Paulo Dybala

Following the announcement and completion of Paulo Dybala's free move to AS Roma the Argentine star reportedly broke a record held by Cristiano Ronaldo upon the completion of his deal to Juventus in 2018.

According to sport bible Paulo Dybala reportedly broke Cristiano Ronaldo's 2018 record of the highest amount of shirts sold following his announcement.

Dybala who had rejected the number 10 jersey at AS Roma revealed that he had done so because:

I think that shirt and that number should remain his because of what he means to the city and the fans. I thanked him because wearing a shirt like that requires a lot of respect and responsibility.

I still see it as his shirt. Maybe I'll wear it one day but for now I'm happy to have number 21, which is the number I wore when I first started to be successful.