Italian FA breaks silence on Luciano Spalletti future


The Italian Football Association has released a statement regarding Luciano Spalletti's future as the head coach of Italy following a disappointing performance at Euro 2024.

There were speculations that Luciano Spalletti would be sacked from his position as the head coach of Italy after they were eliminated from Euro 2024 by Switzerland in the Round of 16. However, on Sunday, June 30, 2024, it was announced that Spalletti will remain in his role until the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

What did the Italian FA say about Luciano Spalletti?

The Italian FA confirmed that there are significant issues with the national team that cannot be resolved within nine months. They expressed their full trust in Spalletti and stated their intention to continue with him. They also highlighted the absence of players from the youth teams in the senior first-team, despite their success at the youth levels.

What did Luciano Spalletti say about Italy's exit from Euro 2024?

In response to Italy's exit from Euro 2024, Luciano Spalletti took full responsibility and attributed the team's failure to his limited time to work with the team. He admitted that the team selection was his responsibility and emphasized that the blame should not be placed on the players.

He said,

"I have the responsibility. We failed because of my team selection, it is never down to the players. All other coaches had 30 or even more games with their teams before the tournament started, I only had 10."

When was Luciano Spalletti appointed as Italy's coach?

Luciano Spalletti was appointed as Italy's national team manager in August 2023, following the resignation of Roberto Mancini.

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