Lionel Messi speaks on the possibility of playing the 2026 FIFA World Cup


There have been a lot of questions concerning the future of Lionel Messi with the Argentine national team concerning whether he would play at the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

The former Barcelona and Paris Saint-German player cleared the air about whether he will partake in the next World Cup or not. Lionel Messi was speaking in an interview when he was asked if he would play at the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

What did Messi say?

"It depends on how I feel, how I am physically, and being realistic with myself. There's still a lot of time left in quotes, 'a lot and a little,' because it goes by quickly, but there is still some time and I don't know how I will be at that moment. Age is also a reality that is there, even though it's just a number. The matches I will play now aren't the same as those I played when I was in Europe competing every three days, either in the Champions League or in the league, whether in France or Spain. But it depends on how I feel and what I feel being alongside my teammates, and seeing if I am still up to the level or not… let's see!”.

Which country will host the 2026 World Cup?

The 2026 World Cup will be held in the USA, Mexico, and Canada from June 11 to July 19. For the first time in history, the tournament will feature 48 teams instead of 36.

The eight-time Ballon d'Or winner led Argentina to winning the last World Cup which was hosted in Qatar. Argentines will be hoping that he stays fit and can lead them to another World Cup triumph in 2026.

However, Messi will be playing his last Copa America which will be hosted in the United States of America with Argentina playing their first game against Canada on Friday, June 21, 2024.

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