Lampard wanted to make Declan Rice the Chelsea captain for 10 years


In a recent interview with Steven Bartlett, former Chelsea coach Frank Lampard opened up about his ambitious plan to bring Declan Rice to Stamford Bridge and groom him as the future captain of Chelsea.

Lampard expressed his admiration for Rice and his belief that the young midfielder had all the qualities to lead the club for the next decade.

During the interview, Lampard candidly admitted that he had targeted Declan Rice as his top priority signing during his time as Chelsea's coach. Lampard's admiration for the talented English midfielder was evident as he spoke passionately about his desire to bring Rice to the club.

"I wanted to bring Declan Rice to Chelsea when I was there as a coach before, he was my top target," Lampard revealed in the interview. He continued, "I was like... this kid, Declan, is going to be the captain of Chelsea for the next 10 years."

Lampard's vision for Rice extended beyond mere recruitment. He believed that Rice possessed the leadership qualities and footballing prowess necessary to become the long-term captain of Chelsea. Lampard's confidence in Rice's abilities and character was evident in his declaration, painting a picture of a player who could become an integral figure in the club's history.

The former Chelsea coach's admiration for Rice is well-founded. The 22-year-old West Ham United midfielder has consistently impressed with his performances, displaying a maturity beyond his years. Rice's versatility, composure on the ball, and ability to read the game have earned him plaudits from fans and pundits alike.

While Lampard's plan to bring Rice to Chelsea did not materialize during his tenure, it is a testament to the midfielder's potential and impact that he remained a highly sought-after player. Rice has continued to excel at West Ham United, solidifying his reputation as one of the brightest talents in English football.

It remains to be seen if Lampard's aspirations for Rice to captain Chelsea will ever come to fruition. As the footballing landscape constantly evolves, Rice's future could take unforeseen turns. However, Lampard's comments shed light on the immense belief he held in Rice's abilities and the impact he believed the young midfielder could have had on the club.

As both Rice's career and Lampard's coaching journey progress, football fans can only wonder what could have been and what the future holds for this promising talent.