Kevin De Bruyne speaks on the possibility of leaving Manchester City


Manchester City's midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne is open to leaving the Etihad if the opportunity comes especially from Saudi Arabia.

The midfield maestro was speaking in an interview with a Belgian-based news outlet where he was asked if he would leave Manchester City for Saudi Arabia. Kevin De Bruyne did not hesitate in affirming that it is an option he will consider if the Arab league comes knocking at his door.

He said,

"I still have one year left on my contract, so I have to think about what could happen. My eldest is now eight years old and knows nothing but England. He also asks how long I will play for City. Once the moment comes, we will have to deal with it in a certain way. At my age, you have to be open to everything. You're talking about incredible amounts of money in what may be the end of my career. Sometimes you have to think about that, If I play there for two years, I will be able to earn an incredible amount of money. I may earn more than in the previous 15 years playing. Then you have to think about what that could mean next. But at the moment I haven't had to think about that yet.”

De Bruyne has been a top target for Al-Hilal as they are looking at the possibility of bringing in the Belgian either this transfer window or in 2025. They would likely get priority if anything materialises this summer transfer window due to being the Club World Cup representative from Saudi.

Manchester City's valuation of De Bruyne is reportedly set to be placed at £100 million, with his current contract expiring at the end of the 2024/25 season.

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