The highest earning footballer at Napoli for 2024 shocks football fans


Here is a list of the highest earning footballers at Napoli for the year 2024 according to recent reports as interest in top players in the club reaches new heights.

The June 2024 transfer window according to recent reports might be a make or mar for Napoli with top clubs showing interest in signing top stars at the club, for many the salary structure is expected to play a huge role in this decision which is why the highest earning footballer at SSC Napoli has shocked many today.

Who is the highest-earning player at SSC Napoli in 2024?

The highest earning player at SSC Napoli in 2024 has been confirmed to be Victor Osimhen, who was named the CAF African Footballer of the Year for 2023. Currently, he is the highest-paid player at Napoli, with a salary of £210,951 per week.

Victor Osimhen of SSC Napoli
Victor Osimhen of SSC Napoli [Twitter/@LivEchoLFC]

Victor Osimhen's salary structure

As the June 2024 transfer window reaches new heights and intensity, the spotlight is once again back on Nigeria's Victor Osimhen who is predicted to make a possible move away from Napoli, fans have however expressed their shock at the football star's current salary structure with the former Serie A champions.

Victor Osimhen's salary structure at Napoli has impressed football fans worldwide as it emphasises the growth of African football in recent times. Victor Osimhen as of now is the highest-paid player at Napoli with a salary of £210,951 per week and approximately £10,969,468 yearly.

Napoli Players Salaries 2024

PlayersWeekly WagesYearly WagesContract Ends
Victor Osimhen£210,951£10,969,468Jun 30, 2026
Piotr Zieliński£106,628£5,544,630Jun 30, 2024
Matteo Politano£97,577£5,074,021Jun 30, 2027
Leander Dendoncker£91,489£4,757,429Jun 30, 2024
Giovanni Di Lorenzo£91,489£4,757,429Jun 30, 2028
Giacomo Raspadori£76,186£3,961,672Jun 30, 2028
Stanislav Lobotka£59,073£3,071,793Jun 30, 2027
André Zambo Anguissa£56,934£2,960,559Jun 30, 2025
Mário Rui£54,795£2,849,324Jun 30, 2026
Giovanni Simeone£54,795£2,849,324Jun 30, 2026
Diego Demme£52,820£2,746,645Jun 30, 2024
Amir Rrahmani£52,820£2,746,645Jun 30, 2027
Jesper Lindstrøm£48,542£2,524,176Jun 30, 2028
Alex Meret£45,745£2,378,715Jun 30, 2024
Juan Jesus£45,745£2,378,715Jun 30, 2025
Mathías Olivera£31,593£1,642,853Jun 30, 2027
Hamed Junior Traorè£30,442£1,582,958Jun 30, 2024
Pasquale Mazzocchi£30,442£1,582,958Jun 30, 2027
Leo Østigård£25,340£1,317,705Jun 30, 2024
Khvicha Kvaratskhelia£25,340£1,317,705Jun 30, 2027
Jens Cajuste£25,340£1,317,705Jun 30, 2028
Cyril Ngonge£25,340£1,317,705Jun 30, 2028
Pierluigi Gollini£24,353£1,266,366Jun 30, 2024
Natan£23,201£1,206,470Jun 30, 2028
Nikita Contini£9,215£479,166Jun 30, 2025
Hubert Idasiak£2,797£145,461Jun 30, 2024

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