Is Finidi George the coach of Nigeria? Here's what we know


Here is what we know so far as to whether Finidi George will remain coach of the Super Eagles of Nigeria following the recent NFF announcement

Following the recent announcement of plans to hire a technical adviser for the Super Eagles of Nigeria, questions have arisen about whether Finidi George will remain as the team's coach. Here's what we know so far.

In an unexpected turn of events, the Nigeria Football Federation in an official announcement on Thursday, June 13, 1014, confirmed that they had begun their search to hire a foreign technical adviser who will be of help in improving the overall play of the Super Eagles of Nigeria ahead of the next set of games for the World Cup 2026 qualifiers and AFCON 2025 qualifiers as well.

This ambiguous announcement has led to questions about the future and role of Finidi George so far as the NFF did not clarify as to if he would retain his role or not.

Finidi George
Finidi George

What we know about Finidi George's role in the Super Eagles of Nigeria

Based on the official statement released, there is a clear indicator that Finidi George will remain as the head coach of the Super Eagles of Nigeria but with a technical adviser who will oversee the overall working and operating progress of the squad.

What is the role of a technical adviser or director?

In the world of football today, the role of a technical adviser is vital in shaping a team’s tactics and formations. With their extensive knowledge and expertise, these tactical experts significantly contribute to the team's on-field success.

A key responsibility of a technical adviser is analyzing the team’s performance and assessing the effectiveness of current tactics and formations.

By meticulously studying each player’s skills and capabilities, the adviser also identifies the team’s strengths and weaknesses, crafting strategies to maximize their potential.

They collaborate closely with the coaching staff to implement innovative tactics and formations that leverage the team’s strengths while countering the opponent’s strategies.

The technical adviser has a huge influence on team tactics and formations is evident in the high level of coordination and synchronization seen on the field.

They ensure every player comprehends their role within the chosen formation and can execute the planned tactics smoothly. The impact of the technical adviser on team tactics and formations is crucial, as it dictates the team’s ability to dominate matches and achieve their goals.

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