FIFA World Cup Final at Lusail Stadium Attracts 1.8 Million Ticket Requests


FIFA World Cup Final at Lusail Stadium Attracts 1.8 Million Ticket Requests

According to FIFA, 1.8 million fans have submitted ticket requests for the FIFA World Cup final. From a broader perspective, FIFA has received 18 million ticket requests for the World Cup. The majority of the requests come from Brazil, Argentina, India, the USA, UAE, Mexico, England, and Saudi Arabia. This is the biggest football tournament globally; therefore, it is normal to attract a massive number of fans. Additionally, it is an excellent chance for soccer betting fans to try their skills on the grandest stage of football competition, on the Betway sports betting platform for the most competitive odds. If you have placed a ticket request, you should expect a notification on the outcome in the next few days.

FIFA 2022 World Cup Fixtures
FIFA 2022 World Cup Fixtures

The higher ticket prices and controversy over Qatar’s bid did not stop football fans from making their intentions to attend the tournament known. The numbers show that football fans are enthusiastic about the event.

Saudi Arabia fans sent in the most requests, but fans from other countries have also shown immense interest. The final match to be played at Lusail Stadium has attracted the most requests. As mentioned earlier, 1.8 million tickets were sought for an 80000 capacity arena.

They will sell tickets for the game for 605 riyals (165 USD) for some Qatari residents and 5850 riyals (1600 USD). The highest price is more than 45% higher than the highest prices for the 2018 World Cup final in Russia, which the French team won.

The most economical final tickets for international fans cost 2200 riyals (600 USD). This is approximately a third more expensive than in Russia. In this sense, some fans have voiced their concerns about the prices.

According to the organizers, 3.3 million tickets for all the games will be available. Qatari residents, including migrant workers, will pay as low as 11 USD for a ticket for the less sought-after matches. FIFA hopes to receive over 500 million USD from tickets, broadcasting rights, and other commercial revenues.

Qatar has been preparing for this year’s edition of the World Cup for 11 years. It will also be the first of its kind held in the Arab world, more so in the traditional winter months of renowned football nations. The organizers had to move the dates because of the scorching summer temperatures in the Gulf.

FIFA World Cup Qatar Loga
FIFA World Cup Qatar Loga

The country has also spent billions of dollars to develop its buildings, including building seven new stadia and renovating one. Lusail Stadium will be inaugurated next month even though surrounding buildings are still engulfed in cranes.

Qatar has also had to deal with questions over its rights record, especially the conditions for migrant workers who were involved in building the stadiums. According to rights groups, hundreds of workers died in accidents and the heat. Additionally, national teams staged protests over rights concerns during qualifying games.

On the other hand, Qatar authorities claim that they have improved their working conditions and labor laws in the past decade. Therefore, they claim that they have been criticized unfairly. The country is expecting nearly 1.2 million visitors but does not have the capacity to host all these visitors. As a result, some will be housed on cruise ships during the event.   

Final Thoughts

Are you going to Qatar? Do you have your Betway soccer betting account ready? You better be ready because this year’s World Cup will be unique!

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