Everton risk further points deduction if found guilty of breaking more FFP rules


Everton Football Club could get more of their points deducted by the Premier League body for breaching the financial fair play rules.

The Merseyside club are set to submit their financial account at the end of the year (2023). If they are found to have breached spending rules in their next set of accounts, they could suffer another points deduction.

Recall that, ten points were deducted from the club which placed them in the relegation zone of the league table behind Burnley. The Toffees posted financial losses of almost £372million over three years.

The figure is more than £250m above what the Premier League’s guidelinpermitts clubs to lose over a three-year rolling time frame. The technical alleged breaches related to accounting treatments, with the League arguing Everton breached profit and sustainability rules (PSR).

Everton supporters have expressed their displeasure on the decision of the body to punish the Merseyside club.