Euro 2024: Here is why France will beat Portugal


The Euro 2024 quarter-final fixtures will give football fans around the world something tasteful to enjoy which is one of the big games of this round is France vs Portugal.

The game will have a lot of world-class players on parade from both sides, but the focal attention will be on Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe. The French man has had pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo on his wall growing up, however, both mentor and mentee will face each other when France play Portugal in the quarter-final or a place in the semi-finals of Euro 2024.

The last time France and Portugal met at the European Champions was in the final of Euro 2016 with Mbappe yet to break into the French team. However, the last time both faced each other was in the 2017-18 Champions League round of 16 when Real Madrid beat Mbappe’s PSG 5-2 on aggregate on Ronaldo's way to a fourth and final Champions League trophy in Spain.

The game promises to give everything a football match should have from the blast of the minute down to the final minute of the game but we believe France will come out victorious after the final whistle.

Here is one reason why France will beat Portugal

This game is a battle of midfielders because of the intensity of the game, whoever will progress to the next round will need to have the best midfield. However, we have decoded to focus on the man of the moment for France, N'Golo Kante.

N'Golo Kante has had a significant influence on the French national team, playing a crucial role in their success in recent years. He has shown the world that despite leaving Europe to play in Saudi Arabia, he still has all the attributes of being regarded as a world-class midfielder.

France never lost a game at a major international tournament when Kante has played with a record of 13 wins and six draws. This record does not look like it will end against Portugal.

Here are a few things Kante will bring for France vs Portugal

Defensive solidity: Kante's exceptional defensive skills, including his tackling, interceptions, and ball-winning abilities, have provided a solid foundation for the French team's defense.

Midfield control: Kante's presence in midfield has allowed France to control the tempo of games, with his ability to win the ball and distribute it effectively to his teammates.

Balance and stability: Kante's positional sense and work rate have brought balance and stability to the French midfield, allowing other players to focus on their attacking roles.

Leadership: Kante's experience and leadership qualities have made him a key figure in the French team, often wearing the captain's armband in the absence of other leaders.

Inspiration: Kante's tireless work ethic and dedication have inspired his teammates, raising the overall level of performance and motivation within the team.

If France keeps Kante fit for the game, their supporters can start booking their hotel rooms for the semi-finals.

Head to Head:

The last five meetings between both sides have ended in favour of France, with two wins, two draws and a defeat. The only defeat was in the final of the Euros in 2016 which is the one that mattered the most to Portugal.

Recent form:

Portugal side scoreless in two matches facing a France side to have shipped just one goal in their last six matches points to more offensive misery for the Selecao, whose own defence can still expect to hold out for large periods against an equally timid Bleus attack.


The game will not have a lot of goals in it so we predict a 2-1 win for France.

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