Euro 2024: Why Cucurella's handball in Spain vs Germany wasn't a penalty


Here is why the Marc Cucurella handball was not given as a penalty in the Spain vs Germany Euro 2024 quarter-finals fixture.

Referee Anthony Taylor's decision to dismiss Germany’s penalty appeal following a speculated handball by Marc Cucurella in the extra time of their Euro 2024 quarter-final match against Spain has been clarified.

The game was tied 1-1 in the first half of extra time when Jamal Musiala's shot struck Marc Cucurella's hand. Despite the contact, neither referee Anthony Taylor nor VAR official Stuart Attwell awarded a penalty to Julian Nagelsmann’s side.

The decision has sparked widespread debate among football fans, who have often seen similar situations result in penalties. However, ESPN editor Dale Johnson explained that the officials were correct in their decision based on UEFA’s current interpretation of handball laws.

Johnson stated: “UEFA’s pre-tournament briefing on handballs provided a specific example similar to Marc Cucurella’s incident, indicating it should NOT be a handball penalty. The arm was close to the side, pointing predominantly down/vertically, or positioned behind the line of the body.”

Spain ultimately secured a 2-1 victory with Mikel Merino's late goal in extra time which shocked fans worldwide who had watched the game at the stadium and from their homes as well. This however guaranteed that Spain will advance to the semi-final of the tournament to face France in the semi-finals.

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