It won't be easy but trust the process - Enzo Maresca message to Chelsea supporters


Chelsea's head coach, Enzo Maresca was unveiled to the supporters of the club for the first time since he was announced from Leicester City a few weeks ago.

The Italian expressed his excitement about joining Chelsea and was looking forward to resuming work and meeting with the players and fans. According to Enzo Maresca, he understands the pressure of working in a club like Chelsea and what it takes to work under pressure.

Chelsea confirmed the appointment Maresca as the new head coach of the club as a replacement for Mauricio Pochettino ahead of the 2024/25 season. The announcement was made on the official website of the Blues on Monday, June 3, 2024, after a list of managers were shortlisted for the job.

How many years deal did Maresca sign with Chelsea?

He signed a five-year deal that will keep him at Stamford Bridge until the summer of 2029 with an option to extend by an extra year.

What did Enzo say about winning titles at Chelsea?

"It’s the main point because when you join a club like Chelsea, you know that it’s a club that has to win. So for us, we are going to try our best to be there, to fight and compete with the clubs that in this moment are winning and fighting to win titles.’

What did Enzo say to Blues supporters?

‘In this moment, when you join a club you try to analyse what the club and team needs to improve and do the right things. For me, it’s clear we need to create as soon as possible the right mentality and culture, a culture that the fans can be proud of. This is very important. We are going to try to be an aggressive team on the ball and off the ball and we need to create this connection between the fans and the club, especially at home."

He continued by asking them to trust the process and throw their support behind the team

"Just trust the process, trust the idea, and be behind the team. For sure we are going to enjoy the journey. Likewise at every club, for every manager, it will not be easy because nothing is easy. But for sure we are going to enjoy our journey"

Maresca led Leicester City to Premier League promotion last season following an impressive run in the Championship. Chelsea fans will hope the team gets to enjoy success across all competitions as they did under Mauricio Pochettino last season (2023/24).

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