Key details to know about the first Women's Club World Cup


Here are key details which have been confirmed so far from FIFA since the official announcement and confirmation of the Women's Club World Cup.

In an official announcement, the world football governing body, FIFA confirmed that the first Women's Club World Cup will take place.

FIFA confirmed that the reason behind the decision to introduce such a grand-scale tournament was to fulfil the initial plans set aside to create a global women's club competition in December 2022.

When is the first FIFA Women's Club World Cup?

Women's Champions League

FIFA in an official statement confirmed that the first and inaugural edition of the Women's Club World Cup will be held in January and February 2026.

The competition is also expected to be held every four years like the newly designed Men's Club World Cup which would commence in 2025.

Stating the reason behind this decision FIFA president Gianni Infantino stated, “The women’s international match calendar and the subsequent amendments to our regulations represent an important milestone in our pledge to take the women’s game to the next level by enhancing competitiveness across the world."

How many clubs will qualify for the FIFA Women's World Cup?

The inaugural edition of the Club World Cup in 2026 is expected to feature 16 teams, although FIFA's ruling council has not yet outlined the qualification process or designated host locations.

It is anticipated that Barcelona and Lyon will secure the top positions, as they are the highest-ranked European teams and have collectively clinched 10 Champions League titles since 2011.

With Women's football gradually taking centre stage it has also been confirmed that FIFA will also hold a meeting session where votes will be made on the host for the Women's World Cup 2027 with countries like Brazil, Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands along with competition for the honour of hosting the tournament.

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