Cristiano Ronaldo Breaks Silence on His Future at Manchester United


The interview between Piers Morgan and Cristiano Ronaldo will be the centre of attention in the world of sports in recent days.

Ronaldo Manchester United Saga
Cristiano Ronaldo


Ronaldo was asked about his future at Manchester United after the FIFA World Cup which will be hosted in Qatar. According to the Portuguese, he does not know what the future holds for him at the club in January but for now he is focused on the World Cup.

It is difficult to tell [if he will leave in January] now. My mood is on the World Cup. I don’t know what’s going to happen after. The fans will always be in my heart and I hope they’ll be at my side whether I’m back or not. I always took decisions by not emotional moments. I don’t regret because I took with 100% conscious, but it was more emotional than rational

He also spoke about the summer transfer window where he was linked to so many clubs but he remained at Manchester United.

They [journalists] say many garbage things. If you’re an agent, you’ll go to clubs but Jorge Mendes has over 100 players. They go Chelsea or Arsenal, and they always mention they offered Cristiano Ronaldo. I didn’t have many, many clubs. But I have many, many offers from other clubs. I didn’t change because I didn’t plan to. The press saying nobody wants me is completely wrong, I was motivated to have a great season here.