Antony's ex-girlfriend reacts to Manchester United's statement


The situation between Antony and his ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallian, might not be coming to an end anytime soon.

The Red Devils midfielder has been accused by three women of physical and sexual assault from his time at Ajax before he joined Manchester United. Gabriella Cavallian released a statement reacting to the decision and stand of the club as it concerns the current situation of the player.

"Why did it take United three months? It's just not OK. I prefer not to believe such a huge club, with such serious and professional people, would cover up a situation like this.
Antony must be taken off the pitch. It's disappointing that he's still allowed to play while an investigation is underway.
I am absolutely devastated by this whole process. How can life go on as normal for him? They can't know what they know now and do nothing. He has to be suspended. I will not give up. People need to be held accountable. It doesn’t matter what profession or how famous someone might be. If they took action against his teammate, I don’t see why Antony should be treated differently.”

The Brazilian FA have suspended Antony from the national team pending when the investigations are over while Manchester United are closely monitoring the situation before taking a decision. However, the player has insisted that he is innocent of all the allegations that has been leveled against him.