Antonio Conte Gives an Honest Assessment of Tottenham Hotspur


The manager of Tottenham Football Club, Antonio Conte has evaluated the performance of his team in the Premier League.

Antonio Conte
Antonio Conte

Conte was speaking after Spurs defeat against Aston Villa at the Villa Park on Sunday, January 1st, 2023. The Italian said the team is not at the level that the fans expect to it the currently.

He was asked if Spurs will finish in the top four with the recent form of his team.

This was his response;

But for the financial of the club, I continue to repeat that last season we made a miracle, I continue to repeat. It happen why? Because we played only one competition and we play with 12 to 13 players and they didn't have injuries in the last 15 games and we played with best players every game because, I repeat, we played only the league. Don't forget three games to go Arsenal were four points than us and that we finished 20 points less from Manchester City and we did a miracle, but I knew which was the situation. Then I was very clear with the club because in this moment and before to become a title contender, because I remember very well in the summer, at the start, people talked about Tottenham as title contenders but in my experience it was a bit crazy to read this. To become a title contender, to become a team ready to fight to win something you need to have a solid foundation. That means to have 14 or 15 strong players, quality and the other young players to develop. And [then] every season you can add two players but two players to invest £50m, £60m, £70m and in this way it means you are signing important players that improve quality and the level of your team but this is a process guys. It's a process.

The former Chelsea manager also spoke about the chance of Tottenham winning the Premier League anytime soon.

People think you arrive and you win. This can happen for a team that are used to winning in the past. But if you are not used to it it means you have to create this situation and for this reason you need time and patience. I understand that the fans are disappointed because they can say 'but we've been patient for a long time', I understand it but the situation is this. If you want the truth I can tell you the truth.

The defeat against Villa is Tottenham's fourth defeat in seven games.