Another Premier League Club risk punishment for breaking FFP rules


The English Premier League body are not taking their time in punishing any club that breaks the financial fair play rule during any transfer window.

Nottingham Forest are the next club that could be hit with the body's hammer after Everton got ten points deducted from their accumulated points for violating the league's FFP rules. According to The Times, Nottingham Forest are reportedly set to be the next club who could be facing charges after making huge amount spending since their promotion to the Premier League in 2022, they run the risk of breaching profit and sustainability rules (PSR).

The Premier League has brought in a new system which deals with charging clubs for breaching rules quicker, imposing points deductions where necessary. This means that all 20 clubs have to submit their accounts for 2022/23 by December 31 and any breaches are announced by January 14.

The clubs will then have two weeks to respond to the charges if they are imposed with a hearing to be carried out by April 8 at the latest by an independent commission. It means that Premier League clubs and their legal departments must conclude their appeals before the end of the season.

The rule states that clubs can make a maximum loss of £105million over a rolling three-year period or £35m a season.