Yemi Alade explores the complexities of love in 'Fear Love'


Renowned Nigerian singer-songwriter, Yemi Alade, has once again graced the music scene with her latest single titled, Fear Love.

The essence of the song is encapsulated in its title, as it delves into the intricate interplay between love and fear. With her characteristic musical prowess, Yemi Alade embarks on a sonic journey that dissects the multifaceted nature of love, particularly in relation to the apprehensions that often accompany it.

In Fear Love, Yemi Alade masterfully crafts a lyrical and sonic narrative that navigates the complexities of romantic relationships. The song finds its roots in the experiences and emotions that arise from loving deeply while grappling with the nagging fear of potential heartache. This theme resonates universally, touching upon a sentiment that many individuals can relate to on a personal level.

Through poignant verses and an evocative chorus, Yemi Alade artfully conveys her perspective on the potential downsides of investing too much of oneself in love. Drawing from her own life experiences, she alludes to past relationships and the challenges she has encountered. With lyrics like "I dey fear make u no go play with me, wetin my eyes e don see, Femi show me shege for this streets," she candidly expresses her reservations about becoming entangled with someone who may possess a propensity for playing with hearts.

The collaborative effort that brings Fear Love to life is noteworthy. The song's co-writing credits go to Kunmi, whose contribution adds depth and authenticity to the lyrical content. Additionally, the production of the track is skillfully helmed by Hulla, a talented record producer who artfully crafts the musical backdrop against which Yemi Alade's vocals shine.

In a musical landscape that often romanticizes love in its purest form, Yemi Alade's Fear Love offers a refreshingly candid perspective. By addressing the inherent fears that can accompany matters of the heart, she humanizes the experience of love, reminding listeners that vulnerability and caution often go hand in hand. As Yemi Alade continues to assert her artistic prowess, Fear Love emerges as a compelling addition to her discography, inviting audiences to reflect on the intricate dance between love's allure and the apprehensions it can evoke.

Listen to Fear Love here.