WurlD and Sarz reunite for enchanting single 'Location'


The celebrated musical pairing of WurlD and Sarz has once again sparked excitement among fans as they reunite to unveil their latest creation, Location.

Recognized for their collective prowess in the industry, WurlD and Sarz have a history of delivering memorable collaborations, chart-topping hits, and culture-defining moments.

In their latest collaboration, Sarz takes on the role of the beat architect, effortlessly setting the stage for WurlD's enchanting vocals to take centre stage. The synergy between the two artists is undeniable as they seamlessly blend their talents, resulting in a captivating and mesmerizing piece of music.

WurlD and Sarz's collaborative track record is nothing short of impressive. Their joint album, I Love Girls With Trobul, released in November 2019, received critical acclaim and solidified their status as a dynamic duo. With Location, they continue to push boundaries and awe listeners with their dynamism.

In this new single, Location, WurlD expresses his yearning for love, passionately asking for his love interest to "send me your location." The track perfectly exhibits WurlD's soulful vocals and his ability to evoke emotion through his lyrics. With the production skills of Sarz, the song takes on a mesmerizing quality that draws listeners in.

As expected from a collaboration between WurlD and Sarz, Location is a testament to their exceptional musical chemistry. Fans can expect a beautifully crafted and sonically captivating experience from the duo anytime soon.

Listen to Location here.