VIDEO: A-Q - God's Work (Joyner Lucas Devil's Work Response)


After Joyner Lucas released devil’s work many took to social media to praise the record and to compare the concept of trading good people that are dead to so called bad people that are alive in Nigeria, however A-Q approaches the song differently and also calls out artist to be careful about the messages they pass through their music

via his twitter he said..

“I heard @Joynerlucas devil’s work, it’s amazing, However i think we should be careful about the message we put out, i do not agree with some of the things said, so i made this God’s Work response”

A-Q delivers clear, clever and thought provoking lyrics in a grey scale video that depicts the attitude and mood of his message. If you have not heard Joyner Lucas devil’s work, you might want to go listen to that first, before listening to A-Q’s version.