VIDEO: 9ice Interview on Channels TV


9ice aka Bashorun GAA aka Adigun was on the Sunrise show on Channels TV some time last week. He talks about his album sales and mentions that his new albums, Bashorun GAA & Versus have moved 8 million copies so far and he volunteered the information that he collected a cool N50 million from marketers for both albums. 9ice answers a lot of questions in the extensive interview below. Check it out and find out answers to a lot of questions you probably want know.

Congratulations to 9ice on the success of his album and we wish him success during his album concert event on March 11 @ Eko Hotel...

How does an artist know the true numbers they have actually sold in the retail market in Nigeria? Or are the marketers reporting the numbers that have been shipped? Please let me know, I am sincerely curious.