Afro-fusion artist, Otis Maho, drops uplifting comeback single "The World”


Cotonou Benin Born with a Nigerian/ German heritage Otis Maho reveals his brand new single, "the world" released via indie label, MEG Entertaiment.

After a hiatus of several years, the passion-fueled African artist illustrates the ups and downs of life and to keep on fighting no matter what on the motivational and inspirational song. Being from the second-largest continent, the charismatic Afro-fusion musician leans into the pulsating production with positive verses punctuated by his soulful tone. 

Through uplifting melodies and inspiring lyrics, "the world“ becomes a harmonious anthem that encourages listeners to aim high while appreciating the journey's joys and triumphs. The title serves as a reminder that each milestone, no matter how seemingly small, contributes to the grand symphony of success and fulfillment. Otis Maho has previously collaborated with A list artist like Jaywon, Reminisce, Ycee, Olamide etc.