Dumomi The Jig features Tar1Q & Kella Kayy on new single 'Santa Monica'


"Santa Monica" is a dynamic hip-hop track by Dumomi The Jig, featuring Tar1Q and Kella Kayy, showcasing the Nigerian music industry's evolution beyond Afrobeat and Afro-fusion. 

This song exemplifies the next generation of Nigerian artists' ability to compete internationally across various genres.

The track features a distinctive vibe with perfect flows over a kick-rich beat that is almost certain to get listeners moving in sync with the rhythm. 

Dumomi The Jig, known for his diverse Afro-fusion style, continues to push boundaries with this globally appealing hip-hop sound.

Dumomi the Jig has consistently released music in the past two years, enhancing its global marketability. 

He describes "Santa Monica" as just a preview of the exciting music he plans to release later in the year.