DolapoTheVibe, Chief Dejjy, Anny ask the question 'WHO gave the Order?' - LISTEN


"Who give the order to shoot at the peaceful protesters?" This is the question on the lips of Nigerian Youths today. Thanks to New York-based acts, DolapoTheVibe, Chief Dejjy and Anny, we get to ask that question on a record aptly titled "WHO?".

As the future landscape of Nigeria changes right before our very eyes, thanks to the #EndSARS movement, our musicians have added their voices.

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While the Nigerian government has used lethal force to temporarily slow down the #EndSARS movement back home, the Nigerian diaspora has stepped up to continue piling pressure. From Toronto to Houston, Paris to London, Nigerians world over have been hitting the streets, calling for an end to police brutality.

On 20th of October 2020, The Nigerian Army and Government Connived To Kill Innocent Peaceful Protesters. It’s So Unfortunate That A Whole Week Later, We Still Do Not Know WHO Ordered The Killings At The Lekki Toll Gate Massacre.

We in the diaspora @dolapothevibe @chiefdejjy and @anny4lyf decided to stay on topic and lend our voices asking the Nigerian government again for accountability. My Fellow Nigerians, If We Keep Applying More Pressure, The Truth Will Be Revealed.


At the moment, the Lagos State government and the Nigerian Army are playing the blame game. But at some point, they must tell us who ordered the Nigerian Armed forces to shoot at peaceful protesters in Lekki, Lagos. We must know WHO gave the order!

Buhari Soro Soke!