BosaLin drops Dual Visual Treats: 'Olisa' and 'Number Number' off Better Late Than Never Album


Nigerian rapper and songwriter BosaLin has unveiled two captivating music videos, "Olisa" and "Number Number," from his latest album "BETTER LATE THAN NEVER."

The "Olisa" music video offers a mesmerizing experience, showcasing vibrant Igbo traditional attire set against the melodic backdrop of Ogene. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the Igbo people as the stunning visual representation of traditional clothing unfolds. Lose yourself in the enchanting rhythms and melodies of Ogene, taking you on a captivating journey through both music and fashion. The video is expertly directed by the renowned South African director Busy Brain Visuals.

Number Number Cover by bosalin

From BosaLin's Utalination Signature label comes another masterpiece, "Number Number," featuring South African artiste Flow88. This track boasts a sonically catchy hook on the melodic beat produced by Luminary Beats. The accompanying video, shot by the award-winning Drinoage of Age Films, adds a visually enticing dimension to the already captivating musical experience. Both videos are now available for viewing on YouTube.

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