Victor AD bares soul in emotionally charged single 'Holy Water'


Nigerian music scene in 2024 has been graced with introspective and heartfelt starts, thanks to the talented singer-songwriter Victor AD. He has introduced the year with a deeply emotional single aptly titled Holy Water. The track stands as a significant release, marking Victor AD's first official offering of the year, and it succeeds his previous single, MIDF (Na Money I Dey Find).

In Holy Water, Victor AD delves into the depths of his soul, reflecting on the relentless pressures and challenges of life. The song is a poignant narrative of his personal struggles and the burdens he carries. The lyrics, "oh my father, I get son and daughter, family full my matter and I don dey tire, bcos I too dey waka," are a powerful expression of his fatigue and the overwhelming responsibilities that weigh on him. These words resonate with a raw honesty, painting a vivid picture of his quest for peace and solace.

Victor AD's longing for Holy Water in the song is symbolic, representing his desire for a cleansing force to ease the burdens and cool down the life's pressures he faces. His voice, filled with emotion, conveys a sense of vulnerability and earnestness, making the track a heartfelt confession.

The production of the track Holy Water was skillfully handled by Rex Madeit, whose expertise in creating compelling beats and melodies provides the perfect backdrop for Victor AD's expressive lyrics. The production complements the mood of the song, enhancing its impact and ensuring that the message is delivered with both clarity and depth.

Listen to Holy Water here.