TiZ EAST drops new single 'ASINLE' featuring MAYZEE


UK-based Nigerian rapper, TiZ EAST has unleashed a brand new single, ASINLE, featuring the talented MAYZEE. It is in fact more than just a song, it's an experience.

ASINLE, which translates to "we are not home," is a powerful statement wrapped in a vibrant soundscape. It's a fusion of Afrobeats and AfroSwing, perfectly blended to create a bouncy, energetic vibe that still retains a touch of UK Rap. This fusion showcases TiZ EAST's unique "Lagos2London" sound, a signature blend of his Nigerian and British influences.

The foundation for this sonic journey is laid by SV ON THE BEAT, providing a dynamic backdrop that allows TiZ EAST to effortlessly flow over it. MAYZEE, fresh off his popular single, GwaraGwara, featuring Zlatan, joins the party, weaving seamlessly between Yoruba and Pigeon, creating a captivating dynamic similar to Portable's verse on Skepta's Tony Montana.

ASINLE testifies to the growing trend of merging UK Rap and Afrobeats. The new song is a sign that this exciting blend is here to stay, and it's sure to keep you dancing long after the music ends. So, turn up the volume, embrace the vibrant energy of ASINLE, and let TiZ EAST and MAYZEE take you on a sonic journey that bridges continents and cultures.

Listen to ASINLE here.