Timaya and Shaggy combine forces for new single 'Joko'


In the ongoing saga of his illustrious career, the seasoned Nigerian artist, Timaya, continues to etch his name in the annals of excellence with a string of impressive singles this year, from Tomato to My Moto. Yet, the veteran singer-songwriter proves that his creative reservoir is far from depleted as he unveils his latest offering —a scintillating dancehall tune titled, Joko.

As a dancehall veteran, Timaya enlists the collaboration of Jamaican Reggae/dancehall veteran, Shaggy, in a move that has fans eagerly anticipating the sonic alchemy that would result from this partnership. The synergy between these two stalwarts of their respective genres results an experience, a harmonious fusion of similar styles that transcends borders.

As the beats of Joko reverberate, it becomes evident that this collaboration has yielded something extraordinary. The song embodies the magic that unfolds when two musical titans join forces, creating a track that is well-crafted and also carries the unmistakable stamp of Timaya's and Shaggy's individual brilliance.

The allure of a Timaya and Shaggy collaboration lies not only in the convergence of their musical styles but also in the element of surprise it brings. Many, upon discovering this dynamic pairing, will undoubtedly marvel at the unexpected yet harmonious union of Nigerian and Jamaican musical influences, each contributing to the vibrancy and richness of the brand new track, Joko.

For the production, Joko is brought to life by the skilled hands of Timaya's longtime collaborator, Young D. The duo has been crafting music together for more than a decade, and their synergy is palpable in the seamless production of the new track. Young D's touch complements Timaya's distinctive style as usual and also elevates the entire sonic experience.

Listen to Joko here.