Tekno releases new single 'Peppermint'


Multi-talented artist, Tekno has once again blessed his fans with an electrifying sonic creation, his latest single, entitled Peppermint.

This newly minted single, meticulously crafted for quality, marks yet another impressive addition to his discography.

The sonic landscape of Peppermint is an intriguing collaboration between Tekno's talent and the masterful production skills of Egar Boi. With a proven track record of delivering hits, Egar Boi has once again woven his magic into the intricate fabric of the track, ensuring that every beat and note resonates with an infectious energy that's impossible to resist.

Peppermint emerges as Tekno's third offering this year, following in the footsteps of his previous releases, Peace of Mind and the socially conscious Freetown. With Peppermint, Tekno has once again showcased his versatility, demonstrating his innate ability to surprise and captivate his audience with each successive creation.

The track Peppermint itself embodies a distinctive and invigorating soundscape, with Tekno's velvety vocals weaving seamlessly through the intricately laid instrumentals. This upbeat composition is a testament to Tekno's unparalleled ability to manipulate rhythm and melody, delivering a sonic experience that is both euphoric and addictive. Egar Boi's production prowess shines through, creating a backdrop that pulses with energy and dynamic layers, enhancing the overall listening experience.

Tekno's interaction with the instrumental arrangement is nothing short of a sonic dance. His voice entwines effortlessly with the beats, creating a synergistic relationship that elevates the song's impact. The fusion of his vocals with the meticulously constructed instrumentals not only showcases Tekno's exceptional artistry but also underlines the synergy between artist and producer.

As Peppermint infiltrates the airwaves, it brings with it an irresistible urge to move and groove. The song's infectious rhythm and catchy hooks have the potential to make it a mainstay on playlists. Tekno's innate ability to craft melodies that linger in the mind long after the song ends is prominently displayed in this latest offering, ensuring that Peppermint is more than just a song — it's an experience that lingers.

Listen to Peppermint here.