Show Dem Camp and The Cavemen combine forces for 'No Love In Lagos'


The Nigerian music scene is abuzz with the arrival of the captivating new single, No Love In Lagos, a collaborative effort between Show Dem Camp, The Cavemen, and Nsikak David. The intriguing tune goes into the complexities of love and relationships in the vibrant, yet often cynical, heart of Lagos.

The song's title, No Love In Lagos, sets the stage for a poignant exploration of modern love in a bustling metropolis. It paints a picture of a city where fleeting connections and a focus on appearances might overshadow genuine connection. Through their lyrics, the artists delve into the difficulty of finding real love amidst a culture of partying and instant gratification.

No Love In Lagos is a much-awaited collaboration, especially between the duos, SDC and The Cavemen. Show Dem Camp, known for impressive social commentary, seamlessly blend their style with the captivating harmonies of The Cavemen. Nsikak David adds another layer of depth to the track. Each artist brings their A-game, resulting in a catchy and thought-provoking song.

The arrival of No Love In Lagos conveys something we should expect. The collaboration between Show Dem Camp and The Cavemen has sparked speculation about a full-length project on the horizon. With their contrasting yet complementary styles, a collaborative album could be a remarkable moment in the Nigerian music scene.

Listen to No Love In Lagos here.