Ruger drops new singles 'Luv Again' and 'Make Way'


Barely a month after dropping the much acclaimed collaborative EP RnB with Bnxn (fka Buju), Ruger strikes again with a two-track surprise.

Ruger's latest offering is a double-edged sword, showcasing his versatility with contrasting tracks titled Luv Again and Make Way. Both songs arrive with their own production patterns and lyrical themes, highlighting Ruger's multifaceted nature.

Ruger Tries Love Again in "Luv Again"

The first track, Luv Again, co-produced by Cole Yourstruly and Kukbeatz, reveals a softer side of Ruger. Gone is the playboy persona of the past. In its place, we find a vulnerable and affectionate lover smitten by a new flame. Lyrics like "I tell you say I no go love again, I tell you say I'm a playboy o, now see me I don fall again, lets give it a try, make we see as e go go" paint a picture of a man transformed by love, willing to shed his past and embrace a new beginning. The song's production leans towards a cozy and sensual soundscape, perfectly complementing Ruger's heartfelt lyrics.

The Return of Ruger the Playboy in "Make Way"

A stark contrast emerges on the second track, Make Way. Produced by Sons of Soni and Freshy, the song throws it back to the more familiar Ruger – the confident and unapologetic charmer. Here, he reclaims his playboy persona, declaring his interest in a woman already involved with someone else. With lines like "Who you plan to be with, e no reach, baby hug it, wiwi on it," he asserts his dominance and boldly pursues his desires. The production on Make Way is energetic and club-ready, it mirrors Ruger's assertive and self-assured delivery.

Apparently, Ruger's strategic two-track release serves a dual purpose. Luv Again caters to fans who would love to see a lover boy Ruger. On the other hand, Make Way satisfies those who crave the swagger and confidence he's been exhibiting since his debut.

Ruger continues to grow, he effortlessly navigates between emotional vulnerability and braggadocious charm. Following his departure from Jonzing World, it seems Ruger is determined to carve his own path, one that allows him to explore different facets of his artistry.

Listen to Luv Again and Make Way here.