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In the bustling city of Lagos, the term "Omo Oro" takes on a dual persona. Traditionally, it signifies a Son of Wealth, yet within the Streets of Bariga, it transforms into a colloquial slang for a Bad Guy or Bad Boy. Nigerian singer Favi's new single unravels a narrative where admiration meets indifference.

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Addressing his affections in the lyrics, Favi finds himself met with a lady's subtle disregard. Despite her lack of response, Favi, hailing from the vibrant streets of Bariga, introduces a subtle twist. He is not just an Omo Oro in the traditional sense; he is a Bad Guy who understands the unspoken language of the streets.

The term "Omo Oro" becomes a tapestry woven with threads of wealth and street cred. Favi, with his keen self-awareness, acknowledges his understanding of the routine. As an Omo Oro from Lagos, he embraces the role of a Bad Boy, seamlessly integrating into the city’s rhythm.

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Stream 'Omo Oro' by Favi

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