Olú Shares Introspective Ambient Sounds On New EP "Feels"


Honest music will never go out of style; Olú, who released Feels some days ago, is an introspective soul. The 7-track EP is intense and honest, weaned from an array of influences such as New Wave music, R&B and Soul.

Feels is an impressive and highly immersive performance which draws the listener to Olú's ambient world. Her vocals are reminiscent of the richest vocalists like Asa and Nina Simone, leading her every word like a graceful presence in a small room.

Olu Feels EP

Cover art of 'Feels' by Olú

When you listen to Feels, there's an intimacy between you and Olú, one which she builds on with riveting and personal lyrics, presenting the beautiful and conflicted content of her mind.

Coming from a family with rigid rules, opinions, and traditions, this project gave me an opportunity to feel what reality is to me, to decipher the codes, and come to my own realizations. There is so much healing that has come with being able to ask the questions that no one wants to ask, with being able to tap into the authenticity of what your soul brings into the world

Olú said.

Whether it's the love message at the heart of “Feels Like” or her ‘crazy’ and yet familiar relationship with the West African mega city on “Lagos Hypeman No-1,Olú makes every listen worth the while, curating music you'll want to lie in bed and dream and fall in love with.


Heart on her sleeve demonstrating how music is deeply woven into the essence of her existence. Praising Lagos while talking about the mysteries in love, her craft and her human journey. Transparency is the order of the day, Olú is the silver lining and this body of work is the soundtrack to our collective.