Matt Sesoo - Super Fantastic ft. Yesi, Blink, Roger Ro & Aje Butter


I think (may be right or wrong) we are entering the Golden Age of HipHop in Nigeria where hiphop will actually begin to sell. Lately, I have heard some serious skill on songs from several Nigeria MCs in and outside the country that have blown my mind. I mean, I am beginning to hear a hiphop joint that will get any hiphop head (Naija or Foreign) excited while paying attention to every word.

This Matt Sesoo track, Super Fantastic is one of such; believe me you will be hooked from beginning to end your as your excitement level goes up. Let me stop so you can listen. All these guyz went in deep and did an impressive job


Look out for his 'The Endless Cool' Mixtape soon and Retweet away as you leave your appreciated comments.