Mart Millz Unveils New Afrobeat Marvel, "Ojuju Calaba”


Afrobeats artiste Mart Millz has set the groove ablaze with his latest track, "Ojuju Calaba." This track is a Ballard to the Supreme Being in appreciation for protection against adversaries and societal evils.

Hailing from the vibrant heart of Nigeria, Mart Millz isn't just an artist; he's a musical raconteur, and "Ojuju Calaba" stands as the crowning jewel of his journey through sound.

Mart Millz has been on his musical voyage for some years now, debuting with the soul-stirring ballad, "One Day.” The track did not only showcase his vocal finesse but also his knack for introspective lyrics. It was evident from the outset that he possessed a distinct voice pruned for Afrobeats music.

Following "One Day," Millz dropped his EP, "From Shadow," which delved deeper into Afro-centric vibes. It was a clear sign that he was unafraid to break conventions and blaze his own trail.

With more recent tracks like "Zone," "Yawa," and "Sandali," Mart Millz transitioned into a groove-infused sonic journey. His infectious melodies and rhythmic sounds continue to  catch the attention of a growing fan base.

Mart Millz's discography paints a vivid picture of his evolution as an independent artist, spanning from his early Afro-centric vibes to the contemporary tracks that have thrust him into the spotlight. With "Ojuju Calaba," he proves he's not just an artist – he's a master storyteller, a cultural envoy, and a rising star in the ever-expansive universe of Afrobeats.