Listen to Idahams' latest single 'Portion' + Open-Verse


Idahams' most recent release, Portion, has been received with impressive reviews from fans and critics in the Nigerian music space for a considerable period of time now. In response to its growing popularity, the talented singer-songwriter is elevating the experience by launching an open-verse challenge for the Kulboi-produced track, inviting aspiring artists from all backgrounds to participate.

To participate download the mp3 file.

Write and record your verse make a video tag @officialIdahams (on Instagram) @hitboiIdahams (on X fka Twitter) with the tag #IdahamsPortionOpenVerse.

Winner gets 250,000 naira. First runner-up gets 150,000 naira. Second runner-up gets 100,000 naira.

Winners would be picked based on quality of verse and video.

Download Open-Verse mp3 file here.

Listen to Portion here.