Ladipoe goes personal on 'Hallelujah' feat. Rozzz and Morrello


Ladipoe is back with a powerful offering, Hallelujah, exhibiting his introspective lyricism alongside the captivating voices of Rozzz and Morrelo. The introspective single delves into LADIPOE's inner world with a touch of bravado.

Hallelujah serves as a platform for Ladipoe to articulate some of his deepest thoughts. Across multiple verses, he reflects on his undeniable talent, highlighting his dedication to the relentless pursuit of his craft. He portrays himself as a "student of the hustle," who knows the in and out of the hustle. His verses pulsate with a determination, leaving listeners with no doubt about his passion.

Rozzz takes the reins on the hook, his voice weaves captivating melody that perfectly complements the introspective mood of the song. Morrelo adds an extra layer of depth with his verse, infusing it with a touch of Jamaican patois that injects vibrancy into the sound. The production, courtesy of Obassey Chijioke Paul, provides a subtle backdrop, allowing alll involved in the track to shine.

Hallelujah is a deeply personal attestation to Ladipoe's artistic journey, his dedication, and his consistent pursuit of success. With its introspective verses, Hallelujah is a song that is sure to resonate with listeners who appreciates the art of reasoning.

Listen to Hallelujah here.