Kolaboy drops 'MEN' with Aguero Banks and HighstarLavista


Kolaboy invites his colleagues, Aguero Banks and Highstarlavista for his latest offering, aptly titled MEN.

MEN, a potent new drill track, emerges from the heart of Eastern Nigeria, attesting to the raw talent brewing in the region. The collaboration, spearheaded by Kolaboy, Aguero Banks, and HighstarLavista, is a sonic reflection of the realities faced by many in the ghetto.

Produced by the highly skilled Tripbeatz, MEN boasts a soundscape that perfectly complements the lyrical content. The dark, pulsating bassline sets the mood for a story of struggle and resilience, while the sharp, rhythmic percussion provides the foundation for the artists' powerful delivery. Tripbeatz understands the emotional weight of the lyrics and crafts a beat that amplifies their message.

MEN goes into the harsh realities of growing up in the ghetto. Kolaboy, Aguero Banks, and HighstarLavista paint a vivid picture of the daily struggles faced by those living on the margins. Yet, amidst the hardship, there's an evident undercurrent of resilience. The song celebrates the strong spirit and confidence that emerges from overcoming adversity.

The title, MEN, stands for "Make Everything Necessary." It's a declaration of strength and brotherhood. The artists highlight the devotion required to find a positive outcome amidst the daily struggles. MEN is about survival, it's about the relentless hustle and the belief in a better tomorrow.

The collaboration between Kolaboy, Aguero Banks, and HighstarLavista serves as a powerful showcase of the creative talent brimming in Eastern Nigeria's rap scene. Their voices, raw and unapologetic, resonate with a generation that identifies with the struggles and aspirations depicted in the lyrics.

While it paints a vivid picture of the ghetto experience, it doesn't glorify the hardships. It serves as a call to action, urging listeners to overcome their circumstances and strive for a better future. The song's energy and powerful message have the potential to inspire and empower a generation.

Listen to MEN here.