Goya Menor and Magnito combine forces for new single 'I Do'


Goya Menor who skyrocketed to fame with the irresistible Ameno (Amapiano Remix), continues his impressive streak with a brand new single, I Do. This time, he isn't going solo. Partnering with the immensely talented rapper Magnito, they've crafted a song that's a delightful blend of wit, melody, groove, and romantic charm.

Right from the title, I Do, sets the tone for a playful yet heartfelt declaration. The infectious beat serves as the foundation, allowing Goya Menor to bounce across it with his usual style. His vocals effortlessly weave into the rhythm, creating a sound that's difficult to resist. Magnito on the other hand steps in the mix, elevating the song with his impressive rhymes and wordplay. He injects a layer of cleverness into the love story, making the wooing process more entertaining.

Together, Goya Menor and Magnito create a impressive duo on this track. Their contrasting styles impressively complement each other, resulting in a lighthearted and engaging song.

This new single feels like a step forward for Goya Menor. While retaining his usual energy that propelled him to stardom, I Do exhibits his artistic versatility. It allows him to explore a more lyrical side, paving the way for exciting possibilities in the future. For fans of Magnito, I Do is another demonstration of his exceptional wordplay and captivating flow.

With I Do, Goya Menor and Magnito have delivered a single that might just become a fan favorite. It's a song that will have you swaying to the beat, smiling at the lyrics, and hitting repeat for more.

Listen to I Do here.