Snatcha of Rooftop Mcs releases summer anthem, Children of God feat. Angeloh


Snatcha & Angeloh

As the world slowly eases down from the lockdown measures due to the global pandemic, Nigerian Hip Hop veteran, Snatcha of the legendary Rooftop MCs teams up with Angeloh to serve a dope summer anthem, "Children of God", produced by Cobhams Asuquo.

Children Of God is the perfect theme song for these times - A victory song calling on all God's Children to give him praise irrespective of life's circumstances and A bold statement of unwavering faith in the Love of the greatest Father of all.

Download the single now on Snatcha's Gumroad site:

It would be available soon on online digital stores

Snatcha is one half of the Legendary Multi Award winning Rap duo, Rooftop Mcs who are currently on a break to embark on solo projects.

Snatcha's style is experimental hiphop that usually fuses alternative rock with Afro influences. He is set to dominate the music scene with original sounds, uplifting lyrics and breath mints for fans who scream too often.
His solo discography includes the album, "The Value of Nothing"and top charting singles - "Everything", "Reign", "Shame" feat. Ayoola, "Light" & "All the Every" featuring Mike Abdul. Now based in the UK, Snatcha is a 4 time AGMA award winner in the United Kingdom for Hip Hop and Afro Pop Gospel.ABOUT ANGELOH
Angeloh is a Music Artist, Art Director, Speaker and Podcast Host.
He creates music that centres on life and Godliness and uses everyday human experiences to inspire God-reflections.
Nominated for RAPZILLA.COM’s FRESHMAN CLASS 2018 , Angeloh has released several solo singles, as well as featured on songs and projects with acts like Bouqui, Gaise Baba and a host of other kingdom minded artists.
Angeloh is passionate about urban Christian culture, youth expression in kingdom agenda, and inculcating profitable lifestyles and mindsets in young Christians.

Twitter: @Snatcha | @ItsAngeloh
Instagram: @SoulSnatcha | @ItsAngeloh

Children of God in here
Shout Hallelujah yeah
Shout hallelujah to the Lord
Oh yeah

Children of God in here
Shout Hallelujah yeah
Shout hallelujah to the Lord
Oh yeah

Hallelujah yeah
Hallelujah yeah
hallelujah to the Lord
Oh yeah

Hallelujah yeah
Hallelujah yeah
hallelujah to the Lord
Oh yeah

All day never dry with us
Off the chain come hang with us
We the cool kids come ride with us
*Come ride with us yeah yeah*

We unashamed, got pride with us
[Emmanuel] our God with us
The Lion of Judah, come r’ar with us
Come roar with us yeah yeah

On a quest for nothing but His glory oh yeah
Him goodness and his mercy
Be my everyday dose for the year
Brand new every morning oh yeah
Eyes on the prize
Boys no dey lose focus for here

Love be d brand
That’s how you know it
Grace and power
is how we show it
Clothed in his glory
Don't u worry 'bout the denim on my thighs
The Spirit be working full time inside



Jesus boys, we unashamed
Of the Gospel that’s able to save
So I’m giving my life for the world
As my Big Brother did the same

When He came oh when He came
And took all our sins away
Giving his life on the ratchet cross for me
Even when I was deep in my sin

Hanging on the Word like apostrophe
Watch it come to pass like a prophecy
When we come through your vicinity
Flashing so bright you‘ll think it’s an emergency woahhhhh

We the sons of Jehovah
When we come through
Here to show forth His power.
Steady and steady steady
Him blessing go dey shower
Anytime we brag
It’s not the tag or the mullah.

[Chorus] till fade