Sizz The Truth - Greyskies Are Smokescreens (EP)

Sizz The Truth - Greyskies Are Smokescreens (EP)

Greyskies Are Smokescreens cover art

Overview of Sizz The Truth - Greyskies Are Smokescreens (EP)


Ghanaian rapper Sizz The Truth brings raw soulful energy to the world with the release of his second project, “Greyskies Are Smokescreens”. As a follow-up to “The Whole Truth”, his first project, Sizz further exerts his abilities as an artist keen to re-define the idea of music made in Africa.
“Greyskies Are Smokescreens” is characterised by Lo-Fi hip-hop beats,deep punchlines and memorable hooks.
The 5-track line-up takes a listener on a journey through the mind of a relentless artist; discussing hard truths about the path to success, relationships,wealth generation and authenticity.
Production efforts on this project were done by Perry Mingle (Gabba, Problems in a red cup, Real Dates), Bad Szn (For The Bandz), and YankesPro (Be Yourself). The project was mixed & mastered by Epidemix.


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