Duncan Mighty - Obianuju + Portharcourt Boy + Aroma


Duncan Mighty - Obianuju + Portharcourt Boy + Aroma

Port Harcourt, STAND UP!!!

Duncan Wene-Mighty, also simply called "Duncan Mighty" has released his sophomore album titled Ahamaefuna (Legacy), and from what we hear, the 15-track album is already selling like "pure water." I was fortunate enough to lay my hands on it sometime last week and since then, it's been a permanent fixture in my car.

Duncan Mighty made major waves in 2008 with his debut album, Koliwater. The single "Dance for Me" tore down parties all over the nation (even though it was banned by the NBC). "Obianuju" and "Port Harcourt Boy" have all the right credentials to follow suit. Also be on the look-out for tracks like Hand of Jesus, Ahamefuna, Isimgbaka and many other bangers. Listen... NO! Get Up and Dance!


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