Davido joins BoyPee, Brown Joel and Hyce on 'Ogechi' remix


BoyPee, Brown Joel and Hyce have released the remix to their hit single 'Ogechi' and it features heavyweight singer, Davido.

The music industry thrives on unexpected hits, and Ogechi is a prime example. The captivating song defied expectations, blowing up organically on TikTok and rapidly climbing the charts to become one of Nigeria's hottest songs in 2024. Now, with the addition of global superstar Davido on the official remix, Ogechi is definitely poised to reach even greater heights.

Apparently, Ogechi wasn't born out of a flashy music video or a major label push. It found its spark on the social media, especially TikTok. The song's infectious melody and captivating lyrics resonated with listeners, who created countless dance challenges and memes that propelled Ogechi into the national spotlight.

Its success on TikTok quickly translated to the charts. Ogechi stormed the airwaves, capturing the hearts of every listener. Its addictive rhythm, relatable lyrics about love and desire, and the smooth vocals of the original trio, BoyPee, Brown Joel, and Hyce, made it a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Ogechi transcended demographics, becoming a smash hit.

Just as the excitement surrounding Ogechi began to simmer, news of a remix featuring Nigerian megastar Davido sent fans into a frenzy. Davido, known for his ability to deliver unforgettable hits, is the perfect artist to elevate Ogechi to better heights. The remix retains the original song's core elements while adding Davido's signature flavour. His opening line, "Say walelelelele Ogechi don give me something kpo kpo kpo, roger roger over," perfectly captures his usual exuberance and sets the tone for a thrilling listening experience.

The success of the song wouldn't be complete without acknowledging the talent behind the scenes. The song's infectious beat, a crucial element in its viral rise, is the brainchild of the talented beatmaker Dawie. His production skills provided the foundation for the song's magic, creating a catchy and dance-worthy sound.

The timing of the Ogechi remix couldn't be more perfect. Its release coincides with Davido's much-anticipated wedding ceremony to his longtime love, Chioma. The song, centered around themes of love and devotion, takes on a new layer of meaning with this context. Davido's participation in the remix can be seen as a celebration of his own love story, further amplifying the song's emotional resonance.

With its organic rise to fame, chart-topping success, and star power boost from Davido, Ogechi and the stars behind it, have cemented their place in Nigerian music history. With the remix now out, Ogechi is set for greatness. So, get ready to hear Ogechi everywhere you go, because this song is here to stay.

Listen to Ogechi remix here.