Burna Boy signals 7th album with new single 'Big 7'


The magnitude of Burna Boy's achievements is truly beyond imagination. As an Afrobeats (Afro-fusion) artist, he has not only met but far exceeded all expectations, further propelling the genre to global recognition and acclaim.

Transitioning from performing in arenas to commanding stadiums, Burna Boy has embraced the role of a bona fide pop star, living the very dream countless artists aspire to achieve. In fact, it seems that his journey is only just beginning, with even greater heights awaiting him.

Just last year, Burna Boy graced us with his remarkable sixth studio apartment album, Love Damini, which birthed an array of chart-topping hits such as Last Last, For My Hand featuring Ed Sheeran, and It's Plenty. His live performances, held in some arenas and stadiums, became spectacular showcases of his artistry and magnetism, leaving audiences in awe and appreciation.

Now, in this present year, Burna Boy is poised to ascend to yet another echelon, equipped to set yet another benchmark for successful Afrobeats artists, In all anticipation of his forthcoming one-seventh studio album. As a tantalizing preview of the extremely anticipated seventh studio album titled I Told Them, he gifted us with the previously discharged single, Sittin' on Top of The World, and an enthralling remix with the gifted 21 Savage. And now, he has gifted us with the brand new Big 7.

If you've had the pleasure of following Burna Boy's tour, chances are you've been enraptured by his live rendition of Big 7, a song that has stirred an insatiable desire among fans for its official release. The anticipation has been palpable, and now, the long-awaited moment has arrived as Big 7 finally graces our ears.

As Burna Boy's third offering as a lead artist in 2023, following the release of Sittin' on Top of The World and its 21 Savage remix, Big 7 is destined to make a resounding impact on and further solidify his position as a global force to be reckoned with.

Not stopping there, Big 7 is complemented by a befitting and visually captivating music video, adding yet some other dimension to the artistic masterpiece.

With the momentum already building, Burna Boy's seventh studio album is currently in the works, a forthcoming opus that promises to mesmerize listeners and showcase his boundless creativity as an all-around artist. As the album's release approaches, fans worldwide can hardly contain their excitement, eagerly awaiting the sonic journey that Burna Boy is about to embark on.

Listen to Big 7 here.

Watch the official video of Big 7